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ferdicon's Journal

Icons by Rebecca
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The personal icon community of without_pith

...And welcome to ferdicon, the place where without_pith puts up LJ icons for your icon-ganking joy. She likes comments, considers crediting respectable but not mandatory, and enjoys a wide and unpredictable array of interests, most (if not all) of which you’ll probably see iconized at some point, should you find some lasting interest in this thing.
OK &:
AFFILIATIONS! I do affiliations, although I don’t have very many at this point in time. If you want to be affiliates, just leave a comment somewhere in ferdicon and I’ll acknowledge it at some point. :P
Current Affiliates:


REQUESTS! I take those. (Or I would if I got any. I haven’t yet.) I will most likely fulfill whatever your request happens to be, unless it runs along the lines of detailing top sekrit government plans or kiddy porn. Whether it’s something I’m minimally interested in — or even completely disinterested in — matters not (though it should at least be taken into consideration by you-the-requester if that happens to be the case). I am a generous icon-producing soul. Just leave a comment if you’d like to request something.

RESOURCES! I am a font and brush fiend. I have provided a list of the places where I get my fonts and my brushes so that, if you happen to be an icon-maker or general designer-of-graphics yourself, you can go find stuff you may spot and like in my icons and so that I can stay happy and un-sued.

+Fonts For Peas

*Note: All brush sources are for Photoshop only. Which versions are carried depend on the site; most are only for 7.0 and higher, since 7.0 is the version I use. (All should at least offer image packs/stamps, however.) Miss M has a good site for brushes made for PS4.0 or higher.

+Ancient Secret
+Misprinted Type
+Miss M
Well, that’s it, really. Feel free to join and/or watch this if you like my icons.